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Cost-Effective Sales, Marketing, and Brand Expertise for SMBs

Our Guidance Helps You Align These Areas and Increase Success

Your ability to accelerate growth ("breakout") is significantly impacted by your the state, activities, and/or processes of your company's sales, marketing, brand, and culture (mission, vision, core values, etc).

Realizing revenue potential demands assessment, expertise, and guidance in all these domains.

The challenge? Most assessments and consultants focus on one or two of these areas--not all of them.

We defy this norm, leveraging over 30 years of senior-level expertise in sales, marketing, brand and defining culture. Including developing insightful assessment tools.


Our deep experience spans B2B and B2C in diverse industries and scales, from start-ups to Fortune 50 firms. 

Don’t allow your growth to slow or stall. 

Realize your business potential and achieve breakout results.  


Schedule a free 15 minute call with us today! 

Because when your business thrives, success multiplies.

Small and Medium Business Growth by Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Brand




  • Create Vision

  • Define Mission

  • Identify Values

  • Community


  • Architecture

  • Strategy 

  • Identity

  • Positioning

  • Voice/Messaging

  • Brand Experience 

  • Rebrand Planning/Execution

  • Launch Planning


  • Strategy 

  • Territory Analysis/Planning

  • Account Segmentation

  • Funnel Audit/Design

  • Metrics and Analysis

  • Planning/Forecasting

  • Process Optimization

  • CRM Review/Assessment

  • Customer Support Analysis

  • Technology Integration


  • Survey Design/Execution

  • Competitive Intelligence/Analysis

  • Customer Insight/Segmentation

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Market Opportunity Assessment 

  • Data Analysis

  • Return on Investment Modeling


  • Marketing Strategy 

  • Digital Strategy 

  • Content Strategy 

  • Market Segmentation

  • Campaign Concept/Planning

  • Customer Journey/Experience

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Media Channel Mix

  • PR/Press Release Writing

  • Media Spokesperson


  • Sponsorship/Event Strategy

  • Rights Fee Negotiation

  • Sponsorship/Event Negotiation

  • Activation Strategy

  • Trade Show Strategy

  • Budget Recommendation

Bill Glenn, Consultant for Small and Medium Business Sales, Marketing, and Brand
About The Breakout Group

The Breakout Group was founded in 2013 by Bill Glenn. The firm drives business growth for small and medium-sized business (SMB) using a one-of-a-kind background to unify the often-disparate functions of sales, marketing, and brand.


Glenn's experience crosses multiple business scales, from start-ups to Fortune 50 firms, and spans diverse industries, including communications, technology, financial services, advertising, sports, entertainment, fitness, legal, and construction, in both the public and private sectors. 

Glenn has deep sales, marketing, brand, strategic, analytical, and creative skills. It's rare to find consultants who have strength and knowledge in all these areas. This well-rounded background offers his clients tremendous value and versatility. 


As a sports marketing subject matter expert, Glenn has made TV appearances on CNBC, MSNBC and Bloomberg News and provided insights to major print and online media such as USA Today, Ad Age and the Sports Business Journal (SBJ) in addition to other national/regional media outlets.

People who have worked with him have said: "He has an excellent marketing mind which is sharpened by a diverse background. He's Insightful, creative, analytical, passionate, and he offers a compelling balance of ability and experience in strategic planning, creative, sales, business development and analytics."

He launched the first insights and analytics practice for The Marketing Arm and co-founded the DBI, the industry’s first analytics-based ranking index for celebrity/sports evaluation and endorsement. The DBI became the industry standard for brand-focused celebrity evaluation. ​


Glenn has also served as CMO (and current advisor) for Predictive Fitness, a SaaS platform which offers AI-based training for triathlons and marathons. He has built multiple company marketing and sales strategies, including digital, content marketing and partnerships.​


Glenn has taught these sales, marketing, and brand principles multiple times as an adjunct professor at SMU, Baylor and the University of Dallas.​ He also was a member of the Sports Advisory Board at Baylor.

Glenn lives in DFW and holds both a Journalism degree (School of Journalism) and MBA in Marketing from the University of Missouri. 


Schedule a free 15 minute exploratory discussion.

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