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1. BRAND: Do your brand name, standards (font, colors, etc.) and values align with your target and objective(s)? Yes, this matters.
2. DISTINCTION: What makes your brand distinct and do you leverage that uniqueness? No distinction means you're a commodity.
3. TARGET: Who and where is your target market(s) and how do they benefit from that distinction? Tip: You shouldn't target "everyone."
4. MESSAGE: What is your brand messaging and does it support your distinction? If not, you've got a disconnect with your target.
5. BEHAVIOR: How does your target consume media, what's their lifestyle and how do you reach them? Media channels matter.
6. SALES: Is your sales strategy, process and funnel supportive of your answers to Q1-Q5? This is important...very important. 
7. CUSTOMER: Can you describe your customer's "experience" from awareness to purchase? Your customer can.
8. MEASURE: What are your key metrics for success and how will you measure them?  What's "the math"? Keep it simple.
9. RESEARCH: What market research, if any, is required to answer the above? Budget for research. You'll likely need it. 
10. RESOURCES: What resources and/or partners will you need to help you breakout? You probably need something or someone.

The Breakout Group helps you answer these questions, from branding to strategy to research to messaging and measuring...even copywriting.

We'll help you identify the best path to breakout results.
Contact Bill Glenn: Email, call/text 214-789-7820 or just fill out this form>

About The Breakout Group

For 20+ years, The Breakout Group’s Founder, Bill Glenn, has held leadership roles in marketing and sales with start-ups, SMBs, big brands, agencies and properties.

As a subject matter expert, Glenn has made TV appearances on CNBC, MSNBC and Bloomberg News and provided insights to major print and online media such as USA Today, Ad Age and the Sports Business Journal (SBJ) in addition to other national/regional media outlets.

His experience includes leadership B2B and B2C marketing roles from Director to CMO working with integrated marketing channels including digital strategy and media (Content marketing, SEO/SEM, CRM, OTT, CTV, streaming media, etc.), traditional media, sponsorships, events and PR. He's also held multiple B2B sales management roles.

He is a "five-tool" marketer, meaning he has deep strategic, analytical, creative, marketing and sales skills. It's rare to find leaders who have strength and knowledge in all five of these areas. This well-rounded background offers his clients tremendous value and versatility. 

He launched the first insights and analytics practice for The Marketing Arm and co-founded the DBI, the industry’s first analytics-based ranking index for celebrity/sports evaluation and endorsement. 

He also served as CMO and Chief Revenue Officer for a Sports Triathlon Training SaaS start-up focused on artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. He built the company’s marketing and sales strategy, including digital, content marketing and partnerships.

He has taught these marketing and sales principles multiple times as an adjunct professor at SMU, Baylor and the University of Dallas.

People who have worked with him have said he has "Remarkable talent for taking complex projects, breaking them down into manageable pieces, and delivering incredible results."

As a "five tool" leader, he delivers an uncommon blend of sales and marketing experience and strategic, analytical and creative thinking to businesses small and large. It's truly a one-of-a-kind perspective.

Glenn lives in DFW with his family, including two labradors. He has both a Journalism degree and MBA in Marketing from the University of Missouri. 

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