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About The Breakout Index

"Breakout performance" is a notable surge, progress or unexpected success.

While this level of performance is influenced by multiple business functions, a company's culture, sales, marketing, and brand exert the greatest impact in shaping and propelling breakout results.

How do you measure a company's potential to deliver breakout results based on its culture, branding, marketing, and sales?

First, it's important to understand the function of each area:

Culture: Defines the mission, values, behaviors, and practices that guide the company's actions.

Brand: Represents the company's identity, including image, perception, and reputation.

Marketing: Communicates, promotes, and builds brand identity to generate awareness, leads and loyalty.

Sales: Focuses on driving revenue, converting leads, and creating customer loyalty through service.

It's critical these four areas are aligned and bridged to produce breakout results.

Companies who fail to do this are at risk of underperforming their performance potential. 

The Breakout Group's proprietary Breakout Index helps small and mid-sized businesses identify their position and potential to produce breakout performance. The index is based on a company's current culture, sales, marketing, and branding position, activities and processes.  

The index results identify points of strength and challenges which enable a company to identify and target key areas which can better position them for breakout performance. 

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